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“What Are You Aiming For?”

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Theme: What Are You Aiming For


Text:Phil: 3:14

I press TOWARD THE MARK for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.



Everything is life should be purposeful.

Everything in life should have meaning.

Even the little things that we do or don’t do have great significance.

Every ACTION or INACTION has its impact on our life.



TOWARD THE MARK ” is a very strong statement.


If you don’t know what you’re aiming at , how will you know if you hit the target ?

* Without a target, you are just randomly shooting.( READY, AIM, FIRE )

You may hit something occasionally, but it won’t have much significance.


Prov:29:18 KJV

Where there is no VISION, the people perish. Vision = TARGET.


MSG: If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves.


God’s Word Translation: Without prophetic vision, people run wild.



It indicates: vision, goal, something specific, direction, a dream, something hoped for, something in sight to be attained.


It is indicative of MOTION FOR A PURPOSE.


TOWARD is indicative of DIRECTION.


When you think about TOWARD, consider a radar screen at the airport.

It picks up and focuses on targets that are way out in the distance.


If you are moving TOWARD something it implies MOTION, MOVEMENT, ACTION, WORK, EXERTION, ENERGY.


TOWARD coupled with I PRESS is a powerful combination.


If I’m moving toward something, it reveals that I am pursuing something.

It indicates that there is a finish line somewhere up ahead.

People run marathons with a FINISH LINE in mind.

We have to “ run our race with PURPOSE.” There has to be a GOAL.


This phrase is an indication of something DEFINITIVE.

The MARK is what we go after. It the WHY we do what we do.

That MARK can be a job, a house, a business, a car, a career, a mate, etc.


The MARK is what FAITH sets its sights on.

Mark 11:24 What things soever you DESIRE when you pray.


FAITH has to have a TARGET or it will never fulfill its purpose.


The MARK is that X in the scope of a rifle.

It’s the “ bull’s eye.” Its WHAT you are AIMING at.


To hit the MARK, will require several things.

Steadiness, persistence, determination, commitment.


* Without a MARK in life, you will simply be “ spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast.”



The older I get, the more important things are becoming to me.

Everyday life itself is special.

I no longer take things lightly.


After my close encounter with dying last June I see things differently. There is a new light on even the simple things.

Getting up everyday now is a PLEASURE.

Working is a PLEASURE.

Making a living is a PLEASURE.

Providing for my family is a PLEASURE.

Spending time with people I love is a PLEASURE.


Don’t waste any more of your precious time, pondering YOUR REGRETS.


You can’t undo things that cause regrets, BUT you can apply various principles and steps to avoid them in the future.


A.) What have you SET your affection on ?

What gets your attention ?


B.) What will you do to realize that affection ?

Are you willing to count the cost and pay the price ?


C.) Will you quit or stay in the game ?



D.) Is your WANT TO big enough to keep you moving forward ?

WANT TO is a very powerful force.


A simple life story:


My first deep sea fishing experience as a 7or 8 year old boy.


Each big fishing boat had mounted reels that simply dropped a line straight down.


There was no casting with a reel. The Captain simply anchored the boat directly over the location where the fish were.


We released a button on each reel that dropped a baited hook straight down below the boat. Then bam, ( Fish ON )

When fish quit biting in one location, the Captain moved to another.


What does this have to do with my message today ?


Fish where you are, then MOVE FORWARD.


Many times we miss the FISH in life because we’re looking for the BIG CATCH instead of simply FISHING where we are.